help your employees discover how possible it is to own a home

A REAL way to offer your employees Equity and Inclusion through homeownership and learning how to build equity in real estate

We provide a means for employers to offer Equity and Inclusion to employees through The Mortgage Mindset AcadeOur.We teach people to understand how their current finances and lifestyle affect homeownership and what steps are necessary qualify for a mortgage. We work with employees to create a clear path to homeownership and financial ease. Through we programs people can also learn how to leverage existing real estate assets to create generational wealth.

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Financial Literacy & Home Ownership Education

Fostering secure, happier long-term employees.

We help employers increase the rate of homeownership and financial stability amongst employees.

1 in 3 employees admit to being less productive at work because of financial stress.

2 in 3 employees say their benefits package helps reduce their financial stress.

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Research Says…

“While today’s employees feel confident in their finances, the data actually shows that the reality of their situations is not aligned to this confidence. Nearly 2 in 3 people say they are confident in their finances, but half say they are living paycheck to paycheck […] Employers can help increase productivity and reduce employee stress by offering programs that bridge the gap between financial perceptions and financial realities […] For financial wellness programs to work, they need to be personalized to the employee’s individual goals. A man in his late twenties paying off his student debt, while trying to save for his first house for his young family, is going to have very different needs than a couple entering retirement who is behind on their retirement savings. If employees gain more confidence about how to meet their current and future financial needs, it enhances their ability to pursue their personal and professional goals.”

We are Mortgage Planning Specialists and Diversity Practitioners.

We’ve have been teaching money mindset and mortgage education classes for several years. Our classes benefit everyone but can be an especially powerful benefit for People of Color and single women.

During our time teaching homeownership classes we’ve observed that employees of color sometimes have more difficulty qualifying for a mortgage. While laws and practices that prevent people of color from homeownership are no longer on the books, it is clear that historical inequities are still in effect. We see the results appear as lower credit scores, more debt, lower or no savings for a down payment, lack of financial literacy skills and limiting beliefs around their financial ability. We have also seen that providing the tools to relieve financial stress and plan for homeownership bring immediate positive results.

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This benefits employees who…

This course is for any employee, whether they are seeking to buy a home now or just preparing for the future. Not everybody wants or needs to own real estate, but everybody should understand how their financial decisions affect their ability to be in control of that choice. Many people wait too long to find out what they need to do to be mortgage ready. It’s never too early to get an assessment of your situation and create an individualized plan. Preparing for a mortgage also helps you plan for overall financial success.

Are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and are looking for programs that help People of Color gain true equity.
Are seeking to increase productivity by helping employees reduce personal financial stress.
Are interested in increasing the rate of homeownership amongst employees and reduce employee turnover.
Provide great benefits to their employees and are looking for a powerful and unique way to enhance employee wellbeing.
Place great value on helping employees strive for success at work and in the larger world.
Are focused on recruiting and retaining diverse employees from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

How we work wtih companies

Companies choose to work with me because I have a unique way of reaching employees and inspiring them to believe that homeownership is possible and within their reach.
Onsite Classes

My classes are engaging, and immediately shift people into understand their qualifications for homeownership and how to set financial goals. I create real results by getting more people on the pathway to homeownership and financial ease. People that I meet with experience immediate relief when they know that they have an ally and a guide that will help them achieve homeownership, which fosters happier more engaged employees.

Clear Pathway: One-on-One Meetings

I alleviate the stress of not knowing where to start by providing employees with a personal Mortgage Consultation meeting at work. I am a partner and a mentor. I outline a process that is clear, achievable and realistic about current goals to achieve greater wealth. Here is where people find out if they can get preapproved now or get their personal roadmap to homeownership so they get qualified to buy in the future.

No Judgement Zone

Working with me is always a no judgment zone, where clients can be honest about their financial reality and let go of any shame and negativity. I reduce anxiety around the homebuying process by educating my clients in mindset work as well as financial literacy.

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our programs are free to employers and employees.

I offer a free consultation. If you are an employer looking to help your employees, I will come to your office and discuss your company‘s mission and goals to see how I can help your employees. Contact me by filling out the form below and we’ll schedule a consultation.